Avahî …

… is a kurdish (kurmancî) word.

… it means to build something or construction.


We are …

a group of people who cherish the ideas of alternative forms of living together, of solidarity and ecological responsibility and action. We would like to contribute to the dissemination of this thinking and to be at least a small part of the process of changing the societal status quo.

… political activists who are interested in the project of democratic confederalism in the Democratic Federation of North Syria/ Rojava and who  would like to support the people and processes there in a practical way.

… craftspeople, physicians, students and scientists, who got together to plan, finance and organize a collective construction site in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria/ Rojava.

… creating a concept for the construction of a communal building since summer 2015. In close collaboration with our local partner WJAR (Foundation of Free Women Rojava), we decided to build a medical office this autumn. This will be the first unit of a building that is going to become a polyclinic.

Solidarity Construction

Our project surely has a technical side, but also this political-collective one: Like the friends in the Democratic Federation of North Syria/ Rojava, we do believe in the idea of a free, equal and emancipatory society and want to be part in the process of building up such a perspective. We would like to live and spread those ideas in the context of our collective construction site, the project planning and public relations work.

Solidarity construction to us does not only mean to help putting up a urgently needed medical building, but also to be part of and to learn from the emerging society in the Democratic Federation of North Syria/ Rojava and to share our experiences publicly.

Cooperation with WJAR

We are working in close collaboration with our local partner WJAR (Foundation of Free Women Rojava), which supports the development of kindergartens, preschools, health centers and educational institutions as well as cooperatives for women. The foundation, founded in 2014, is our contact with the women’s movement and our partner in the planning and implementation of construction project in the Democratic Federation of North Syria/ Rojava.

You can read more about the work of the Foundation here

We work together with the Kurdistan Hilfe e.V in Hamburg. Since 1992 they have been working as a non-profit organisation to support Kurdistan.